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We’ve updated our short video on How BookGlutton Works. You can watch it with the link below or via the BookGlutton homepage. In 3.5 minutes it shows how to get around the site, buy stuff, organize yourself, and generally tells you everything you need to know to get started.

Watch the video here.


For the latest, greatest news about check out the December Newsletter. We’ve introduced GIFTING, so you can now buy a book and give it to someone else. You can also learn about FAVORITES and COLLECTIONS.

Read it all HERE.

BookGlutton’s playing favorites. Now you can mark any book as a FAVORITE. Once you log in, just click on the star icon on any book detail page and it’ll be added to your FAVORITES LIST. The icon won’t show up until you LOG IN, though…’cause how else will we know who’s favorite it is?

Q: Why would I want to do this?
A: To make your favorites easier to find. Trust us – you’ll be using this a lot once you start reading on multiple platforms.

Q: And how do I get to my FAVORITES list?
A: Easy. Log in and look for your PERSONAL SUBNAV in the PAGE HEADER. Click on COLLECTIONS. Essentially your FAVORITES are just one kind of COLLECTION or book list.

Q: I don’t see a star! Where’d it go?
A: See the part about logging in. A whole slew of stuff will show up on the right, too.

Want to see what people are saying inside a book? Get a feel for it on the book detail page. We now have a LATEST NOTES bar on the right, which pulls out the two most recent public comments. Click on it to get inside the book and say something.

For those of you interested in stats we’ve added another number for you to follow: VIEWS. Now on every book detail page you’ll see two numbers under the book cover, categorized by OPENS and VIEWS. OPENS shows you how many times people have, well, opened and read the thing. VIEWS represents the number of people who’ve looked at the page and considered reading it, but for whatever reason, didn’t.

It’s a nice way to track activity, and of course if people are logged in and reading publicly their profile picture shows up, so you can connect accordingly.

Customize Groups!

Check out the healthy helping of customization we’ve added to Groups. Now you can upload a profile image for your Group – isn’t a picture worth a thousand words, after all?

Also, we’ve taken a page from profiles – now Groups have their own wall. Leave a note on the Group Wall about what to read next, or when to read, and even who else to invite. Wall postings generate an email to the rest of the Group members, so you can make plans.

Log in and hit your Groups link in the header to start using this today.

BookGlutton Homepage – NEW!

We’ve made some huge updates to the site! (Don’t worry, we think you’ll be pleased.) Now on the homepage you’ll see that featured books are accompanied by recent comments. It’s now much easier to see what people have been posting…and totally addictive. Here’s what it looks like: