We’ve finally gotten around to this much-needed and much-requested feature. Now everything you upload privately to your BookGlutton library is available in the Stanza online catalog. We still have some polishing to do on the user interface front for this feature, so excuse the bumpy ride for now, but some improvements are on the way, along with additional personalized features like Shares, Reading History and Notes.

It’s pretty simple. You’ll just need to log in and then refresh the cattalog.Here’s how:

  • In the Stanza “Library” view, select “Online Catalog”, then select the “Books From BookGlutton” feed, then “My Uploads”
  • Log in with your BG credentials. When the page refreshes to the homepage, you’ve done it successfully. Before you can access your feed though, you’ll need to refresh the catalog.
  • To refresh the catalog, usie the back link at the top of the screen, go back as far as you can, to the “Library” view again. It’s important you go ALL THE WAY BACK! Otherwise, you won’t get a catalog refresh.
  • Repeat the initial steps. The catalog should refresh, and now when you select “My Uploads” … voila!