We’ve now added a short video introduction inside our books. You can find it in our default widget, a little something we like to call “Book 0.” As you can see above, we’re pulling it directly from youtube.

Most likely you’ll use Book 0 if you want to embed the widget but can’t decide which book you’d like to put on your site. It’s easy to go to our API page and grab the embed code for Book 0. Then you’ll be displaying the widget with instructions, and people can switch to any other book in the catalog using the catalog button at the bottom of the Reader. For those of you who’ve tried to grab the widget from the API page before now: our apologies for any errors you ran in to. It’s all good now.

We think video is going to become a popular element, and pulling the stuff in dynamically means it can be updated when needed. I should point out that video is not a core media type of ePub. This means we’re technically supposed to supply a fallback image; we don’t currently supply fallback elements, but we will in the future.

Try it: open Book 0.