Sometimes we write features because WE want to use them…not in the name of business, but because we think it will be cool. We think that it will make things BETTER. Thus we’re announcing BookGlutton Keyboard navigation. Unofficially we’ve had it live for some time for our own use; some of you may have come across it. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here are the details.

Depending on which browser you use one or all of these will work. Navigate back and forth through the books using PAGE UP / PAGE DOWN on your keyboard. You can also use the UP and DOWN ARROW keys. Oh yeah, and SPACE BAR will drive you to the next page, too. The Reader buttons will miss you. Gaming keyboards have long been creating such shortcuts for the gamer community, it’s about time the normal users like us get some attention.



We’ve disabled these controls for some browsers – we were getting some funky issues with the annotations. It’ll be back shortly; we’ll update here and our Twitter feed: