It ain’t Christmas but it might feel like it over at BookGlutton HQ: all through the month of April, the large square ads on are HALF OFF! It’s a great deal. You send us a 250 x 250 image or, heck, we’ll even design it for you, and then in under 48 hours it’s in the site ad rotation.

If you are a writer or publisher this is a great opportunity to target real readers. Announce an upcoming book, link to your author site, point to your blog – there are many options. Here’s the Standard Ad size:

What does an ad cost?

1 month = $100 $50
3 months = $250 $125

Can you give me more info about BookGlutton?

Sure. BookGlutton Factoids:

  • Ads appear on the book detail pages
  • About 140,000 people visit the site a month
  • Most traffic comes from North America, Europe, Russia and Australia, but there isn’t a country that doesn’t show up

For more information or to sign up, check out our ad page, or get to it at any time under “Advertise” in the footer.