This week we pushed a new header and footer – a significant change in the Web World and one that makes a lot of sense for BookGlutton. We simplified the heck out of it. Check it out:

  • It only shows public links: those reachable by visitors who haven’t logged in.
  • There’s an infamous Surprise Me link. This bad boy takes you into a random book at any moment.
  • There’s a Notes page that shows a list of the most recent public comments.


We’ve also added your own personal submenu. It’ll show up in the header once you log in. It’s superfast. As my brother so eloquently put it: You’ve got all your user settings grouped with your avatar. Cool. Your personal submenu gets you to all the books you’ve opened, uploaded and shared, among other personal content pages.


Third, we’ve added what’s called a “deep footer” to the site. This footer is tall so it allows us to better silo company-specific information, APIs, etc. We pull in one of our Twitter feeds, bookgluttonNEWS, so you can get the skinny on updates, mad props and bacon-infusion advice from our interns. You can see it on our homepage.