Due to some major annoyances with Leopard, as well as a system crash last week, all BG development now takes residence on a fresh install of Xubuntu. This means I’ve suddenly been made aware of some glaring differences between FF/Mac and FF/Linux, and took it upon myself to make the site bearable to look at in this environment.

When it comes to browser support, we work very hard to support the browsers that 95% of our users use. Time and resources for testing across many platforms, environments and browsers are limited here, so we generally do the best we can given all the other things we’re balancing.

Suffice it to say the site now looks pretty good in FF/Linux, and a few bugs in the Reader there have been corrected. When I get a chance, I’ll probably also turn these attentions to some of the WebKit implementations here, as WK variants will become important test beds in the near future.