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This year has been good to BookGlutton. We launched eleven months ago and enjoyed steady growth. We’ve created partnerships, like the one with Stanza. We’ve had the honor of being a Webby Finalist and won a W3 Award. We released the first online HTML to EPUB Converter – the first of our APIs. We’ve worked hard to enhance the Reader, the Community, and the Catalog. We’ve nursed a Facebook presence and gotten some really great feedback.

All this is rewarding, but what’s really getting us to crack a smile around here is the 88,000 PEOPLE WHO CAME TO BOOKGLUTTON THIS MONTH. Thanks for using BookGlutton, generous Readers. We have some big plans and some significant pushes planned for early 2009, so stay tuned.


Unofficial Epub LogoWe’ve made the first round of huge improvements on our recently released EPUB conversion API. Now you can upload either a plain HTML file or a Zip Archive and get back an EPUB with images, stylesheets and nested HTML or XML documents.

The converter also supports a host of new options including setting rights information, descriptions, language and more. Output is now nicely formatted by default, so you can more easily edit the results if you want. Image formats supported are JPEG, GIF, PNG and SWF. External CSS stylesheets are supported as well.