They’re cutting edge. They’re techy. They’re run by the kind of people we want to drink beer with. We ♥ the Pixel Awards. If you haven’t come across them yet, here’s a snippet from their site:

Established in 2006, The Pixel Awards take a fresh look at the best on the web. We are the cutting-edge website award, annually honoring compelling sites that have shown excellence in web design and development….Any site can enter. Only 24 exceptional sites will win.

BookGlutton has made it down to the final cut – we’re 1 of the 5 finalists in Community. This also puts us in the running for the People’s Champ award. We’d be ever so pleased if you’d vote for us. It only takes a second to go to the site, find the Community option and vote for BookGlutton. You can actually vote for the People’s Champ every day through NOV 30. They’re going to tell us who won in December…and the lucky ones will get this kick*ss trophy.

Vote here >>