We think this is so punk rock! Embed the book AND the community from BookGlutton’s Unbound Reader directly into your site using BG’s new widget. “Embed the community,” you may find yourself asking, “Across domains?” Yep, chat with anyone reading the same book from any website. How cool is that? Officially the widget is called the “Book Launcher,” because you click on it to launch the book from your site (duh), but around the office we just call it THE PUNK ROCK WIDGET. Here it is in action:

You can log in from inside the widget to access your bookclubs or to mark your place, browse the catalog, switch books, and all manner of reading tasks. You really don’t need to visit the BookGlutton site any more (we’ll miss you), except to manage friends and reading groups. And the magic of technology makes the content as secure as it is on BookGlutton’s site, so we’re hoping publishers will recognize the opportunity to bring you even more content.

Here’s a youtube video that outlines 8 minutes of widget goodness:

The deal is that you can grab this code from inside the widget itself. Or, if you find a book on BookGlutton you can get the code from that book’s detail page. And it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

You can read the press release here.