Wow – apparently it’s been a year? We opened the beta up to the public a year ago today, and like all proud parents we’re still  fussing and doting with pride! Thanks to you it’s been a good year:

  • Traffic has grown exponentially
  • The catalog has quadrupled
  • The site was nominated for a Webby and won a W3
  • We’ve put together a Stanza feed for the iPhone crowd
  • We released the first online HTML -> ePub converter in our API section
  • We expanded browser support and community features
  • We made the chat and annotation functionality inside the Unbound Reader much slicker

That’s quite a bit of work for two people in a room with little money and scant assistance, but we’re glad to do it and even happier to see you all use it. As long as we have the cash we’ll keep it up.

The next month is going to be exciting. We’re releasing some new stuff that is exceptionally cool. Stay tuned.