Great news! We’ve partnered with Lexcycle to offer content through its iPhone application, Stanza. Starting today you can download select works from the BookGlutton catalog and read them in Stanza on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The Stanza app is free, as is the work BookGlutton is offering through it.

There are lots of categories under BookGlutton in Stanza’s Online Catalog to choose to read from, including Science Fiction Stories, Top Reads from the BookGlutton Site, Random Recommendations and Alphabetical Titles and Authors. We’ll be adding more as time goes on.

To access BookGlutton’s ebooks through Stanza, install Stanza on your iPhone, go to the Online Catalog and scroll down to BookGlutton. This link will take you BG’s categories.

Although you can’t read with your group on Stanza, it’s a great way to peruse some of BG’s cool books from your iPhone. So check it out!