Internet Explorer Support has taken the leap into officially supporting IE7 today. We have no idea what kind of miseries this is getting us into — no, just kidding, actually we understand the ramifications of developing for the world’s most used and most abused browser. We’ve been doing it all along. Today we can officially say that it has passed our tests sufficiently for public use. There are still some minor IE-specific glitches, but all the books in the catalog are now accessible, the chat is functional, the annotations work. Most of all, the pages look good in IE – except for one clearType related bug, we’re pleased with the typography here.

Along with this comes another important update to the site. We’ve removed the control which previously prevented unsupported browsers from accessing the Unbound Reader. This means any browser, on any device, can now access it–only we can’t guarantee that everything will work. We think this is a better way to do things, and we’ve improved the site messaging to give users ample warning if their browsers aren’t up to snuff. We’ll continue to roll out official support for other browsers as time permits.