Just a word on where our content is coming from. BookGlutton is working daily to add more content to the catalog, and it’s coming from 3 directions.

First, there’s the entire corpus of human knowledge written before 1923. Obviously we’ll continue to import these public domain works as fast as possible. But we’re also looking to our community to try its hand at the Upload Tool. Show us what you’ve got! If you’re feeling shy you can make your uploads private, so only you can see them (you’ll have private groups to share them with – coming soon). Hopefully you’ll migrate them to the public catalog later on, so everyone can read your work. Finally, we’re checking into copyrighted sources and looking for ways to bring you contemporary writing, ASAP. There’s going to be a little red tape involved in all of this, so be sure to “Make a Recommendation” on the site whenever you think of a work, a genre, or a type of community you’d like to have on BookGlutton.com and we’ll add it to our list!