Aaron Miller and I (Travis Alber – the main blogger around here) are the BookGlutton co-founders. We concepted BG in October 06, and started working full time on the company last January. Here’s a rundown of who we are and what we’ve done. For now you can contact us at prelaunch [AT] bookglutton.com if you’d like to say hello…

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller is a writer and web developer with more than eleven years experience online, and that’s not even counting his 1986 BBS endeavors. His first love has always been writing, but the designer and typographer in him have always led him toward the more technical aspects of screen presentation. Professionally he’s worked on both the creative and technical sides of projects—working at times as a writer and designer and at others a developer in San Francisco and LA. His clients include Wells Fargo, Organic, and Driving Media. In addition, Aaron has a Master’s Degree in Interactive Multimedia and an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Irvine. Aaron’s a BookGlutton co-founder; his most important role has been as CTO, managing the architecture and development of the entire project.

Travis Alber

Travis Alber has eleven years of on-line experience and a penchant for big ideas. She’s worked in web design, advertising, online training and education and has a Masters Degree in Interactive Multimedia. Her project roles run the gamut, from interactive designer and information architect to project manager and creative director. Her client history includes: Cisco, Sprint, Playstation, Wells Fargo, Macys, Midway Games and Dodge. In addition, Travis had won a number of awards for her interactive art, and has been recognized by Drunken Boat, The Flash Forward Film Festival, and the Electronic Literature Organization. Her work as a digital artist focuses on experimental narrative forms, photography, time, and the search for a sense of place. Travis is a BookGlutton co-founder; her most important role has been as Chief Creative Officer, creating the look and feel for the web site and the Reader, and managing marketing and communications.