Where’s BG been? We haven’t posted since our Beta Launch Party…so what’s the deal? I know, I know. We’re supposed to be pushing the Private Beta live any moment. And that’s true – we’re very, very close. August brought us a few surprises, though (and what would a launch schedule be without surprises?).

Mid-August we moved to a new location. This is probably good, since I was waking up thinking about bug resolution, with the to-do list fully formed in my head before my butt hit the seat. But moving = chaos, and it’s been reflected in the schedule. There’s the planning, packing, unpacking, and, of course, setting up our bookshelves (a full, indulgent afternoon, you know). Anyway, we’re back at our desks now. Those of you eagerly awaiting your beta testing access should get it within the first two weeks of September. Now…back to work.